We update this page regularly with internship and extracurricular opportunities for students! We encourage our students to try and take part in some form of extracurricular opportunity before they graduate because we believe it will help students excel in their future careers. 

For further information on careers for history majors take a look at this website from the American Historical Association:



Updated 4/23/19

Pennsylvania House Fellowship 

The PA House Fellowship Program was created in 1982 by the BMC Leadership of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as an opportunity for students to be provided with work experience, education, and insight into the people, issues, and politics of the legislative process.

Based in Pennsylvania’s magnificent State Capitol in Harrisburg, the 13-week program places undergraduate juniors and seniors, graduate students, and law school students attending Pennsylvania colleges or universities in the offices of Committee Chairmen or House Leaders. Pennsylvania residents are also eligible to participate in this program if they attend an out-of-state school.

  • Since the start of the program, over 35% of the students that completed the fellowship have found employment in government or government-affiliated institutions.
  • The three House Fellowship terms are:
    1. Spring: January – April (open to undergraduate students); Deadline date is October 1st
    2. Summer: May – August (open to graduate and law school students); Deadline is March 1st
    3. Fall: September – December (open to undergraduate students); Deadline date is May 1st
  • Fellows will be placed in either a Leadership office or in the office of a committee Chairman.
  • Weekly workshops for the House Fellows are scheduled with Members of the House of Representatives and Senate, executive staff from House Leadership, standing committees, Legislative Service Agencies and the Governor’s Office, as well as prominent lobbyists, to name a few.
  • Fellows receive a bi-weekly stipend. Credits are set by the academic institutions

For more information and to apply, please visit: http://www.pahousefellowship.us/


New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office – Self-Directed Research Project Opportunity

Higher Level Research Project Opportunity with potential to support future Thesis  

  • Where : New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office, Natural &Historic Resources, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 501 East State Street, Plaza Building 5, 4th Floor, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
  • This is an un-paid research opportunity open to US and International students

4 Research Project Opportunities- Choose 1:

  • Historical Report/Information Collection of Mid-Century Modern Buildings- requires knowledge of architecture and will encompass multiple building surveys
  • Historical Report/ Information Collection of LGBTQ Properties in New Jersey- recommended research into NY recent Historic Study/Report as a guideline
  • Historical Report/Information Collection of Sea Level Rise & Historic Preservation
  • GIS Mapping of Various Historic Properties

Application Requirements:

  • Cover Letter & Resume
    • 1 to 2 page (can be 3 but not to exceed 3) proposal/prospectus with bibliography detailing the research project
    • Cover Letter to be addressed to: Lindsay Thivierge
  • Applications are to be submitted to Career Spot only, 
  • Application Deadline: April 22nd


Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle 2019 Summer Internships
Operated by Bucks County Historical Society – Doylestown, PA

The Summer Internship Program, or Experiential Learning Academy, at the Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle, allows a dynamic group of students with varied interests, strengths, and goals to immerse
themselves in an outstanding educational and professional environment. Interns learn and work directly with professionals in a team-based, collaborative environment which offers experiential
learning, mentoring benefits, and leadership building skills. The internship begins on or about June 3, 2019 and lasts between ten and twelve weeks, until at least August 9, 2019, with an estimated
minimum of 275-300 hours over that period.

Compensation: $3,000 stipend

Cover letter, résumé and two references should be e-mailed to info@mercermuseum.org by Friday,
April 5, 2019, with the subject line “2019 Summer Internship” and one of the preferred areas of interest below:

Interns will concentrate their work in one of the following areas:
 Education & Community Services
 Collections: Historic Preservation
 Fonthill Woodlands Research Project
Applicants should possess the following required qualifications:
 Degree or expected degree in American history and culture, education, humanities, museum
studies, museum education, or a related field
 Demonstrated interest in museums, exhibits, programs, production, education, and history
 Strong writing, research, organizational, interpersonal, communication and computer skills
 Ability to work both independently and in groups
 Enjoy working with the public
 Sense of humor and positive attitude

Education & Community Services
The position of Education & Community Services Intern specializes in facilitating innovative, informal
learning opportunities for museum guests of all ages at Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle. The intern
will participate in the production and execution of educational activities and/or materials to promote
formal and informal learning for the Department of Community Services. This involves working with a
wide array of guests (museum members and program participants of all ages) in varied capacities. In
addition, the intern will work closely with other museum staff and assist with public and special
programs and the overall daily operations of the department as needed.

 Education & Community Services: Each intern will be trained to facilitate hands-on educational programs, activities, demonstrations, and family-oriented events for guests, including summer camps, children’s programs, and activities. He/she will also facilitate summer community or special
programs with colleagues in the department as needed.

 During the course of the internship, interns may also explore an individual focus area, which will
be assigned by their supervisor based on organizational need and the skills and the availability and interests of the individual.

Collections: Historic Preservation
The Historic Preservation Intern will focus his/her work on Fonthill Castle, the former home of collector, archaeologist and tile-maker Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). The internship will address specific projects designed to improve the long-term integrity and preservation of this historic concrete structure, and its interior tile embellishments.

 This summer’s main project will be to implement a series of tile stabilization and restoration strategies, developed previously by architectural conservators. Stabilization will include injection of a
conservation-grade adhesive behind loose tiles with compromised bonds. Restoration will involve re-installation of tiles that have become entirely detached from their original sites, utilizing a two-
part epoxy, and may include repairs to some fragmented tiles prior to re-installation. All of the work is to be systematically documented.

 An ancillary function of the internship will be to compile and organize prior studies and reports on
preservation conditions at Fonthill, so as to create a comprehensive and accessible archive of these studies. Intern will be supervised by the Vice-President of Collections, but will also work closely with the museum’s Collections Manager. Opportunities to participate in other elements of museum operations, including programming and special events, will be included in the internship. Aside from the general qualifications noted above, the intern should possess relevant manual skills and abilities, be able to climb stairs and ladders, and be familiar with basic restoration practices and  methodologies. Instruction in specific techniques required for this project will be provided.

Fonthill Woodlands Project
Fonthill Castle, and the land on which it sits, is a wonderful community treasure. Built between 1908-
1912, Fonthill was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). Archaeologist, anthropologist,
ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill Castle both as his home and showplace for his
famed Moravian tiles that were produced during the American Arts & Crafts Movement
This national historic landmark is a premier destination where people can explore art, history, and
nature. The castle sits about 70 acres of woodlands in the heart of Bucks County, and extraordinary gift left by Henry Mercer for all to enjoy, explore, and nurture.

To honor Mercer’s naturalist vision for the health and integrity of the Fonthill Woodlands, we are
embarking on a multi-year project that will support and enhance the property’s historical, ecological,
recreational, and cultural benefits.
Key summer intern tasks that will inform future endeavors on Fonthill’s grounds and better serve the
community include:

 Research primary sources pertaining to Fonthill Woodlands site and historic landscaping using organization recordsand collections

 Compile summary with documentation of historic detailed plans, maps and finder’s guide for future reference

 Other research duties as assigned


Michener Art Museum Summer 2019 Internships 

  • Arts Education Department:
    Arts Education Interns (multiple interns)
    An internship with the Department of Youth and Family Programs at the Michener
    provides college students with an excellent and varied museum education experience.
    The ideal candidate will have experience with young people and an interest in
    education, with a major in art education, art history, arts administration, museum
    studies, or education. S/he will gain hands on experience working with children age 5-15 in art classroom settings. S/he may also collaborate with fellow interns on self-
    selected Museum related projects. Past intern projects have included: developing gallery activities for art classes and school groups; creating a published family guide for special exhibitions; writing blogs about Museum exhibitions and programs; creating a yearbook of educational activity at the Michener; and researching art therapy projects and programs for young people and adult audiences. Every effort is made to tailor the intern experience to the intern candidate, so that the internship is mutually beneficial for the intern and the Museum. The camp season runs June 18 through August 17; it is
    helpful for the education intern to be available prior to the start of camp season to
    assist with set up, supplies, and classroom preparation. For a complete list of our summer camp programs, visit MichenerArtMuseum.org.

Photography Intern (1 intern)
Department of Arts Education at the James A. Michener Art Museum is seeking an
intern to oversee all photography for the Museum’s summer camp program. The ideal
candidate will have a major or minor in photography. S/he will be available throughout
the summer to photograph students and their artwork, to edit photos as needed
through Photoshop or other editing software, to manage the digital photograph
presentation in the Education Gallery, and to maintain the summer camp photography
file. S/he will bring their laptop and camera to the Museum, and be equipped with
photo editing software. S/he will be a creative thinker, independent, organized,
enthusiastic, team player, and interested in art, young people, and museum education.
The camp season runs June 18 through August 17. It is helpful for the photography intern
to be available prior to the start of camp season to assist with set up, supplies, and
classroom preparation. For a complete list of our summer camp programs, visit

  • School and Teacher Programs Department:
    School and Teacher Programs Intern (1 intern)
    The James A. Michener Art Museum is seeking an intern who will provide support in the Michener’s Department of School and Teacher Programs. Specifically, this qualified
    candidate will be focused on reviewing current school and teacher materials and
    refreshing them to be applicable for current standards in education along with
    updating them to be accessible in an online format that would be used for the
    Michener’s education website, Learn with the Michener Art Museum,
    www.learnmichener.org. In addition, this candidate would be responsible for writing
    new content and developing standards based on interdisciplinary curriculum resources,
    such as content for the Michener’s teaching posters on the permanent collection. The
    ideal candidate will have experience in education, with a major in art education,
    museum studies, or education. S/he will be a creative thinker, independent, organized,
    enthusiastic, team player, and interested in art and museum education. S/he will have
    excellent writing skills, be detail oriented, and have a working knowledge of websites
    developed for arts and museum education. Experience in website content
    management systems such as WordPress preferred but not required. S/he may also
    develop gallery based activities for school groups or families, along with writing blogs
    about Museum exhibitions and programs. For a complete list of programs and resources for School and Teacher Programs, visit MichenerArtMuseum.org.

Family Education Center/Makerspace Intern (1 intern)
The James A. Michener Art Museum is seeking an intern who will provide support in the
Michener’s Department of School and Teacher Programs. Specifically, this qualified
candidate will be focused on the Museum’s interactive gallery space, the Family
Education Center. This candidate would work alongside the Director of Interpretation
and Innovation to review and evaluate the space and existing resource materials. S/he
would design and create new materials to reflect the current needs of visitors, both
digital and non-digital, modeled after current makerspace initiatives. The ideal
candidate will have experience in education, with a major in art education, museum
studies, or education. S/he will be a creative thinker, independent, organized,
enthusiastic, team player, and interested in art and museum education. S/he will have
excellent writing skills and will be detail oriented. For a complete list of programs and
resources for School and Teacher Programs, visit MichenerArtMuseum.org.

  • Department of Interpretation and Innovation (1 intern)
    The James A. Michener Art Museum is seeking an intern who will provide support in the Michener’s Department of Interpretation and Innovation. This qualified candidate will be focused on supporting digital projects in the department including but not limited to: improving the Michener’s presence on the Google Art Project platform and
    backend system and developing new online exhibits within the site, video/audio
    editing, and working and making improvements with the content management system
    that supports the website, Learn with the Michener, www.LearnMichener.org. This
    candidate would also be responsible for developing new media content to be used for
    the Michener’s Permanent Collection Mobile App, https://michenerartmuseum.oncell.com along with user testing and enhancing
    navigation within the application. The ideal candidate will have experience in
    technology, education, art education, or museum studies. S/he will be a creative
    thinker, independent, organized, enthusiastic, team player, and interested in emerging and interactive technologies in the museum field and their applications to the visitor experience. S/he will have excellent writing skills, be detail oriented, and have a working knowledge of digital and new media technologies and online platforms. Experience in working with content management systems such as WordPress, photo editing software, and video/ audio editing preferred.
  • Museum Collections Internship
    This position has been filled for 2019.
     Assist Registrar and Curatorial Staff with tasks and special projects involving the
    permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.
     Additional duties may include inventory, researching and re-housing objects, taking and processing digital images, assisting with exhibition installation and de-installation, data entry, and administrative tasks related to the department, as needed. Candidates should be currently enrolled in a museum related graduate program, or a humanities/art related undergraduate program and possess an interest in museum collections work. The candidate must have strong research and organization skills. The ideal candidate has basic knowledge of museum collections management practices, collections care, strong computer literacy and is able to work independently. Hours are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate the intern’s schedule (10-20 hours per week). This internship is open to both graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career involving museum collections.
  • Group Tours and Community Programs (1 intern)
    The scope of the internship in the Group Tours and Community Programs Department
    will include the following:
    Introduction to Art Museum:
     Administrative activities
     Education Department’s Community Outreach programs & Group Tours

Adult Group Tour marketing activities:

 Researching appropriate target audiences
 Developing leads, creating spreadsheet of contact information
 Working with team to update contact information of past leads
 Working with team to send out mailer
Managing Group Tour reservations:
 Responding to inquiries, assisting group leaders planning visits.
 Communicating information to Visitor Services staff
 Communicating with docents to assign tours
Art for All Programs:
 Organize photos and assist with the volunteer recruitment flyer for local high

  • To apply, please email a resume and cover letter specifying preferred internship
    projects to:
    Zoriana Siokalo
    Senior Director of Programs
    Michener Art Museum
    138 S. Pine Street
    Doylestown, PA 18901


George Mason University Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities 

  • The Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, has created a fully online Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities.  The program trains students in the digital skills and tools that are increasingly essential to careers in education, public history, libraries, publishing and many kinds of government and non-profit work.   This 15-credit program consists of three online courses followed by a remote internship with a unit of the Smithsonian Institution.  Because it is both online and part-time, students can pursue it while working or attending another graduate program.  The certificate can also be combined with our own History M.A. program.
    For a short video about the program, click here.

Bard MAT Masters of Arts in Teaching 

  • Main link: https://www.bard.edu/mat/ny/
    The BardMAT are seeking students who are passionate about studying history at the graduate level because they believe that great teachers have a solid foundation in the subject matter they teach. The curriculum of the program gives equal weight to graduate study in history and education. At the same time, their students spend the better part of the year learning to teach with the guidance of Bard supervisors and mentor teachers in partner schools in New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s an intensive but supportive program, and they’ve been successful— their graduates get jobs and stay in education


Penn Environment Internship 

  • Internships to Protect our Environment

If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, apply to be a PennEnvironment intern today.

What do interns with PennEnvironment do?  You’ll help us educate and engage citizens on the most critical environmental issues of our time. You’ll help us get our issues into the media, build coalitions, organize events and lobby decision-makers. Ultimately, you’ll help us build the kind of public support it takes to win.  If you agree that it’s time to solve environmental problems, the best thing you can do to get involved is to apply to be a PennEnvironment intern today. We’re currently hiring for the Spring and Summer of 2019.

As an intern:

o You’ll learn how to push for smart solutions to environmental problems, and build the public support it takes to win

o You’ll work side-by- side with one of our advocates, learning the ropes.

o You’ll reach out to and engage with citizens to leverage grassroots power

o And you’ll attend briefings and trainings to learn even more about environmental issues and gain organizing skill

We’re hiring interns in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and have sister organizations in many cities across the country. Apply Today! (And specify PA in the application).

You can also email flora@pennenvironment.org for more information!


C3 Undergraduate Fellowship Program 

The  C3  Undergraduate  Fellowship   Program  provides  paid  and  mentored   graduate-­‐‑level research  experience,  and   training  towards  applying  and  succeeding   in  graduate  school.   The Fellowship  is  open  to  rising  juniors  and   seniors  from  LADO  colleges  with  an  interest  in   conducting  research  in  the  arts,  humanities,   humanistic  social  sciences  and  math.     Students from  groups  that  are  historically   underrepresented  in  the  academy  are  especially   encouraged to  apply.  For  details,  visit:   http://C3TransformHigherEd.org

Two summer months at Columbia U, UC Berkeley, U Chicago, or U Michigan

Mentored research project combined with research assistantship

GRE and graduate school application preparation

Weekly seminars, workshops, and group events

Presentation of research results at final research symposium

Stipend, campus housing, and transportation provided

2019 Program Dates

  • Columbia U: June 2 – Aug 3
  • UC Berkeley: June 10 – Aug 3
  • U Chicago: June 10 – Aug 10
  • U Michigan: May 28 –July 24


Moravian Historical Society

The third oldest historical society in Pennsylvania, the Moravian Historical Society is a not-forprofit organization that shares over 500 years of fascinating Moravian contributions to worldwide culture through educational programs, guided tours, engaging museum exhibits, and public activities. Since 1857, the Moravian Historical Society has actively served the wider community as a leader in Moravian historic preservation and education. We care for over 20,000 objects, including paintings, rare books, musical instruments, decorative arts, and more.
An internship with the Moravian Historical Society will provide experience with museum management and development. Semester-long internships include a journal, a project, and a presentation of the outcomes to the historical society staff and interested stakeholders. All internships can count for college credit, and are unpaid.

Winter/Spring 2019 internship opportunities:

1. Curatorial Intern: Prepare our exhibition History in Miniature to travel throughout the Lehigh Valley.

2. Collections and Archives Intern: Locate and inventory collection objects in our third floor storage and using Past Perfect collection management software.

3. Research Intern: Work with team to research upcoming exhibitions.

4. Events Intern: Work with events manager to plan and implement major fundraising events; works with local businesses to develop sponsorships.

5. Marketing Intern: Write press releases, social media updates, and graphic design work.

6. Education Intern: Help develop educational programs for school and youth groups.


  • A weekly journal detailing work done at MHS.
  • Project related to your internship, such as a catalog, research paper, technical pamphlet, labels, etc.
  • Candidate must have good communication skills, attention to detail, ability to follow specific processes, research skills, and ability to work independently.
  • Proper etiquette and use of social media platforms is a must.To apply: Submit cover


Position Available: Blair Academy announces an opening for a Wintersession Teaching Intern.  We are seeking an enthusiastic, energetic, collegial and mature college senior who wishes to work for 3 weeks (January 5-26) with a diverse group of high school students and adults in a dynamic and collaborative academic setting. The intern will be housed in the guest room of a Blair faculty member, and all meals will be provided. The strongest applicants will have the following qualifications:

  • Strong academic performance in a discipline that is currently part of Blair’s curriculum
  • Previous experience in residential life and/or student instruction (e.g., camp counselor, summer school instructor, tutor)
  • High-level experience in a sport or extracurricular activity that we currently offer at Blair
  • Demonstrated leadership experience as a team captain, club officer, or resident advisor

How to Apply:  First, send a résumé expressing your interest to Lorry Perry, Dean of Faculty, at perryl@blair.edu.  Follow up with an e-mail including a letter of interest, transcripts (which may be unofficial) and 2-3 letters of recommendation.


TEFL Certification: VolunQuest is giving away four scholarships to eligible recipients to earn their TEFL Certificate in Isla Mujeres, January 3 – June 30, 2019. (https://mailchi.mp/volunquest/spring-internship-opportunity-for-recent-and-upcoming-graduates-a4j1f73czb?e=57fd15e6f3)


City Internships: “For this academic year, we’ll be offering Winter, Spring and Summer Programs in 9 locations: London, Paris, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston & San Francisco. All of our Programs feature a series of career-readiness classes, workshops and events centered around an internship placement at a leading company in an industry of interest to a student.  Our programs are open to students from any year and with any major, and they may choose a placement in one of 9 career fields: Banking & Financial services; Consulting & Professional services; Law & Politics; Technology & Engineering; Marketing, Advertising & PR; Media, Entertainment & Journalism; Art, Fashion & Design; Start-ups & Entrepreneurship; Charities, NFPs & NGOs.  www.city-internships.com


Summer Internship at the Ronald Reagan Institute


Pennsylvania Archives/History Internship http://www.pahousefellowship.us/in Harrisburg, PA in the State Capitol. Rolling deadline. Paid summer internships available.