The study of history is an essential feature of a liberal arts education.

The Lafayette College history department is notable for its global reach. We offer courses on the history of Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Russia, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and the United States. History classes are marked by high levels of intensive reading and writing. Majors take four seminars (one introductory, three advanced) to graduate, and a high percentage (frequently more than 25% of a graduating class) pursue honors thesis projects. The core class “The Politics and Practice of History” teaches students not only how to read advanced historical research and how to produce it, but also the contested nature of historical work. History department faculty are dedicated mentors. They publish research, analysis, and commentary in a variety of academic and public-sphere venues.


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March 27, 2023

Professor D.C. Jackson was interviewed as a historical expert on the ethics of dams on the BBC’s popular broadcast The Forum.  Check it out: