Pictured above Amaya Escandon ’22 (left) and Jessica Mummert ’22 (right)

Amaya Escandon

Amaya worked closely with Professor Séquin in developing her piece “Cinquante Cinq Millions de Français?: French Propaganda During the Algerian Revolution.” When asked about her experience. Amaya explained that it has been “so great to be published alongside Jessica. We’ve been pretty inseparable since we started at Lafayette together so it’s great to be published together. And I really wanna thank Professor Séquin. I took three classes with her so it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be the writer/historian I am without her.”


Jessica Mummert

Jessica’s publication, entitled “Portrait of Same-Sex Desire: Lesbian (Mis)Representations in Nineteenth-Century French Art,” was published in the print edition alongside Amaya’s. When asked about their publication, Jessica said the following: “It’s so amazing (and honestly very funny, shoutout to the publishers for putting our articles one after the other) to be published with Amaya. We’ve been through our entire Lafayette experience together and I wouldn’t want to be a sophomore transfer history major twin with anyone else. I’m also incredibly grateful to Professor Séquin for all of her assistance in shaping this paper into something publication-worthy. This is my favorite paper I’ve written to date, and I hope my care and genuine enthusiasm is reflected in the final piece.”

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