August 5, 2019 marked a new phase in India’s ongoing occupation of Kashmir. Under the Hindu nationalist government led by PM Narendra Modi, the Indian state revoked the constitutionally guaranteed autonomy of the Kashmir region, and enforced this action through an additional deployment of troops in what is already the world’s most militarized region. It also instituted a clampdown on communications and arrested thousands of Kashmiri leaders, civil society activists, journalists, lawyers, and students.
The International Students Association has organized a panel discussion on Kashmir which aims to provide insights into the current situation there, as well as place it in a larger historical and political context of the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination. The event will occur on February 11 at 7 PM in Kirby 104 and feature Professor Kanjwal, and Abdul Bhat ’18, who grew up in Kashmir, as well as Professor Vora, who will moderate the discussion.