Alexander (Alec) Imel ’12 is currently an attorney at a civil litigation law firm in Newark, NJ.  After graduating from Lafayette magna cum laude with a double major in History and Philosophy, Alec received his J.D. from Columbia Law School.  Getting a history degree from Lafayette was an influential part of preparing him for law school and a career as a lawyer.  History helped hone many of the practical skills a lawyer (and law student) needs such as researching, reading voluminous materials, and writing clearly.  One of his favorite courses was on Piracy in Early American History, which he further developed into a research project on piracy and America’s legal development.  The vibrancy of the stories brought the law alive for Alec and further ignited his passion for his profession.  Lafayette’s history professors taught him how to understand and analyze a story, which Alec has found crucial to helping his clients achieve positive results in the courtroom.  Outside of the classroom, Lafayette’s history professors provided Alec with valuable mentoring.  In his own words, Alec said, “I could not have gotten where I am without the advice and guidance of my history professors.  Even today, they continue to support me as I progress in my career.”