Bill Wagner ’89 is president and CEO of LogMeIn, a $1.2 billion dollar cloud-based software company that specializes in team collaboration, customer engagement, and identity protection products. In addition to his Lafayette history degree, Bill holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of Business. His two biggest department mentors were Robert Weiner, who opened up the world for him more than any other person, and Bill’s honors thesis adviser, the late Richard Welch, who taught him humility and to better understand approaches to learning. Currently, Bill guides LogMeIn’s vision for an increasingly connected world. He joined the company in 2013, serving as LogMeIn’s first-ever Chief Operating Officer, and was promoted to President early in 2015. A cloud and technology industry veteran, Bill was previously Chief Operating Officer at Vocus, a cloud-marketing software company, where he led the sales, marketing, and services organizations. In a recent talk at Lafayette in April 2019, Bill explained how a liberal arts education prepared him for being the CEO of a global enterprise with 36 offices and some 4000 employees. He said, “most decisions that need to be made occur in a gray zone where there can be many wrong answers but no clear right answer.” Moreover, he added, “It’s important to appreciate different perspectives. Smart people can disagree yet still be civil while having a conversation.”