George “Mason” Thomson ’16 is studying law at the University of Virginia. In addition to pursuing his newly acquired passion for the study of torts, Mason recently passed a test to become a Certified Application Counselor. He can now help the Charlottesville community make informed decisions about their health insurance through the Legal Aid Justice Center during open enrollment. Mason also reports that, despite the heavy workload, UVA is known for being a “fun” law school. He is currently a first baseman on his section’s softball team, to give one example of the fun to be had between bouts of study and volunteer work. At Lafayette, Mason completed an honors thesis in History and German under the direction of Bob Weiner, Margarete Lamb- Faffelberger, and DC Jackson, on the topic of German repatriation after the defeat in World War II. He says that “Identifying, understanding, and empathizing with different perspectives during my study of history has been invaluable for my experience at law school, there is no shortage of arguments to be read, and the skills I obtained in undergrad help me effectively synthesize these debates as I prepare for my exams.”