Larry Fast ’73 is best known for his series of pioneering electronic music albums recorded under the project name SYNERGY. Larry is also a historian in his own right. He is a major contributor to several documentary, curatorial, and preservation projects, perhaps most prominently as co-writer and co-producer of the PBS documentary “Saving the Great Swamp.” Larry is also as board member of the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, advisor to the Thomas Edison Papers Project at Rutgers University, keynote speaker for the inauguration of the Moogseum (Robert Moog Foundation), and board member of the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project.  During a storied career, Larry contributed to numerous platinum-selling recordings as electronic music composer/arranger and producer. His long list of associates and collaborators include Nektar, Bonnie Tyler, Foreigner, Hall & Oates, Barbra Streisand, and others. Larry’s musical partnership with Peter Gabriel ran nearly a decade; he played synthesizer on recordings and tours, and was an associate producer on several albums. A true polymath, Larry’s developments in infrared audio technology have earned him several patents. On September 4, 2019, Larry addressed an audience of faculty and students in Kirby Auditorium on the history of sound and technology with a talk titled “Tracing Analog to Digital.”