Assistant Professor
207 Ramer History House


  • Ph.D., Fordham University
  • M.A., Fordham University
  • B.A., Bryn Mawr College

Teaching Interests: Medieval and early modern Europe; daily life and labor; global contact and exchange; race and racism; women, gender, and sexuality

Research Interests: Social and cultural history of late medieval England; rural and peasant studies; material culture studies; reading practices and literacy; vernacular religion and heresy; selfhood and identity

“‘To Sey or Thinke Otherwise’: Ordinary Theology and Facing Death in Late Medieval Norfolk.” Religions 9:3 (2018). Accessible online: <>.

“‘If yt be a nacion’: Vernacular Scripture and English Nationhood in Columbia University Library, Plimpton MS 259.” In Europe After Wyclif. Ed. J. Patrick Hornbeck II and Michael van Dussen, 265-287. New York: Fordham University Press, 2016.

“‘To Live Piously and To Help the Needy Poor’: The Consortium of S. Alessandro in Colonna, in Bergamo.” Confraternitas 24:2 (2013), 3-32 (with Christopher Carlsmith).

Honors:  NACBS Dissertation Fellowship, North American Conference for British Studies; Schallek Award, Medieval Academy of America and Richard III Society; Alumni Dissertation Fellowship, Fordham University; O’Connell Initiative Travel Grant, O’Connell Initiative on the Global History of Capitalism; Senior Teaching Fellowship, Fordham University; Distinguished Research Fellowship, Fordham University; Richard A. Bennett Fellowship, Fordham University; Presidential Scholarship, Fordham University; Joseph R. Leahey Fellowship, Fordham University; Fr. John McCloskey Research Grant, Fordham University; Loomie Essay Prize, Fordham University; First Year Essay Prize, Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University; Hanna Holborn Gray Fellowship, Bryn Mawr College.