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  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Special interests: Japan and China; Indigenous Studies; comparative colonialism; visual studies

Recent publications:
“The Musha Incident and the History of Tgdaya-Japanese Relations.” In The Musha Incident: A Reader on the Indigenous Uprising in Colonial Taiwan, edited by Michael Berry, 45-74. New York: Columbia University Press, 2022.

“Imperial Japan’s Forever War, 1895-1945.” Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, vol. 19, no. 18 (September 15, 2021):

“Japanese Empire in Taiwan.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History. Oxford University Press. Article published June 2020. doi:

Dìguó qìmín : Rìběn zài Táiwān `fānjiè’ nèi de tǒngzhì (帝國棄民──日本在臺灣「蕃界」內的統治(1874-1945)[expanded, revised, translated version of: Outcasts of Empire: Japan’s Rule on Taiwan’s “Savage Border,” 1874-1895]. National Taiwan University Press, 2020. 560 pp.

“Fascism Carved in Stone: Monuments to Loyal Spirits in Wartime Manchukuo.” In Visualizing Fascism: The Twentieth-Century Rise of the Global Right. Edited by Julia Adeney Thomas and Geoff Eley. Durham: Duke University Press, 2020, pp. 44-68.

Outcasts of Empire: Japan’s Rule on Taiwan’s “Savage Border,” 1874-1945. Oakland: University of California Press, digital 2017; paperback 2018.  link.

Playing the Race Card in Japanese Governed Taiwan, or: Anthropometric Photographs as “Shape-Shifting Jokers.”  In The Affect of Difference: Representations of Race in East Asian Empire. Edited by Christopher Hanscom and Dennis Washburn.  Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2016, pp. 38-80

The Relics of Modern Japan’s First Foreign War in Colonial and Postcolonial Taiwan, 1874–2015. Cross Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review E-Journal No. 17 (December 2015): 131-138. link

Tangled up in Red: Textiles, Trading Posts and the Emergence of Indigenous Modernity in Japanese Taiwan. In Japanese Taiwan: Colonial Rule and its Contested Legacy.  pp. 49-74. Edited by Andrew Morris.  London and New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2015.

戦前のメディアに使用された森丑之助の台湾原住民「屈尺蕃」写真–博覧会、新聞、教科書、絵葉書、雑誌での使用例の検討 (The Uses of Mori Ushinosuke’s Taiwan Indigenous “Kusshaku Tribe” Photographs in Prewar Expositions and Print Media). 『台湾原住民研究』 (Studies on Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan) 19 (2015): 47-75.

Honors: Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Research Fellowship; Marquis Distinguished Teaching Award; Visiting Scholar at Kyoto University Center for Integrated Areas Studies; National Endowment for the Humanities Sabbatical Year Fellowship; Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Lecture Award, Lafayette College; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Grant.