HIST 275: Crossing the Americas: Latin American Migration and Latinos

In this course, we will trace Latin American migration to and within the United States over the course of the twentieth century. We will map the various turning points in the local and federal treatment of immigration to the U.S. and examine the cultural heterogeneity of migrant groups from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. By combining the fields of history and discourse analysis, this team-taught course will explore cultural identity formation and the politics of representation as well as the complex historical, legal, and political issues that surround the phenomenon of migration. The first of the three main themes of this course, “Moving,” will provide a historical overview of the push/pull factors that have shaped Latin American migration. In the section on “Mapping,” we will trace legal and demographic dynamics of Latin American migration over time and place. During the final part of the course, entitled “Telling,” we will analyze memoirs and testimonials that speak to diverse immigrant experiences. [SS, W] Prof. Pite