HIST 368: Seminar: Research Seminar on Material and Popular Culture in Latin America

In this course we will read, research, and write histories of material and popular culture in specific contexts of Latin America.  These histories will shed light on often understudied and underappreciated elements of the past, in other words:  the objects, customs, priorities, events, joys, and challenges that have shaped peoples’ daily lives.  Because such lives have been marked by and often diverged along intersectional categories of difference, we will explore how gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, and region help us to better understand particular social experiences and historical contexts.  The first half of the semester will provide an introduction and the analytical tools necessary to determine, research, and write an advanced seminar paper on a specific aspect of Latin American material and/or popular culture during the second half of the course.  [SS, W] [W] Prof. Pite