Students present their research in the Marlo Room.

History major Alisha Gangadharan ’21 presented her research with a poster titled “A Cultural Analysis of the Significance of Nighttime in South African History.” Alisha conducted much this research as an EXCEL scholar for Professor Christopher Lee of the History Department. While a great majority of the projects as the session gravitated towards quantitative data displays from experimental and lab sciences, Alisha’s politically salient and theoretically challenging project directed attention towards the world of politics and history. From the evidence of the heavy foot-traffic attending the poster, it seems that Lafayette faculty and students would be receptive to having even more history posters at such events.

Asian Studies and International Affairs major Ren Makino ’20 also presented historical research at this semester’s poster session. Pictured here explaining his project to President Byerly, Ren has been studying the history of Tokyo Japan’s built environment through an analysis of hundreds of picture postcards produced between the 1900s and 1970s. This research is has been conducted with the support of an EXCEL scholarship supervised by Professor Paul Barclay of the History Department.